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Job-specific language trainings for professionals


Confusion new job english spanish french  dutch courses antwerpThe companies who decided to provide language trainings to their employees through me noticed that their employees usually didn’t speak the language spontaneously, weren’t really waiting to speak Dutch for example and were always translating instead of feeling comfortable to think in the target language.

They felt like they were wasting money on courses that were working but not working good enough for what they wanted. They wanted a personal approach, adapted to their people not only in content and in flexibility of schedule but also in way of learning. They wanted not just immediate results, but lasting results that saved their company money and time on the long run, but not just that! Read more…





Expat integration


overload documents paperwork Belgium English Spanish French Dutch courses Antwerp

Belgium! Such a nice country to live in, except for all that paperwork… and their strange culture… and all the languages… and last but not least the weather!

Practically all the newcomers I’ve seen didn’t understand Belgium or the system. Nor did they understand why there have to be three national languages. And why oh why is everything always so complicated? Help! Just litterally “Help!”

They didn’t know what to do anymore. Most of them moved because of their partner, some for their career but I always heard the same story. They didn’t know the language and they didn’t understand the culture. It’s horribly difficult to make friends because “Belgians are hard to talk to”. Consequence? They couldn’t feel at home, felt lonely and even considered going back to their country of origin. What happened to them? Read more…




Communication and presentation skills


No more stress relax presentation english spanish french dutch courses Antwerp

Many people experience difficulties when they need to speak in front of an audience. They often find it confronting even when it’s in a small group and in their mother tongue, let alone in front of a lot of people, in a foreign language. Of course, feeling more than a bit nervous is completely normal, but from the moment I see people at networking events blocking in the middle of their pitch, my heart stops for a while and theirs probably too.
There are tons of signs that indicate whether you too experience too much stress during a presentation. Read more…


And then another thing! How about for those who aren’t nervous, get up there and do their thing to then suddenly realise that no one was really paying attention after all or at least it seemed that the public was not being as enthusiastic about the subject as they were. What if you are already giving it all you’ve got and you still can’t seem to get people excited about your subject? Read more…




Dyslexia and Writing Skills


dyslexia writing skills spanish english french dutch courses Antwerp

When I was still teaching French for the dyslectic at a local high school, one of my new students once said: “You know Tanika, the thing I hate most is that I just can’t seem to remember how to write all the words. It’s just not working for me. I always get it wrong. What’s wrong with me?”
This litterally broke my heart. Why would she think about herself that way and say something like that even before starting classes?


After a while I realised that she really believed that she had to remember how to write each word separately. That she just had to study them by heart because she couldn’t “remember” them on her own, which in her eyes made her feel less priviledged than other students. What she didn’t know is that, in order to learn a foreign language or your native language, you don’t need to drill on every single word. But what DID she need to do then if not knowing all the words by heart? Read more…




Perfecting pronunciation


pronunciation speaking english spanish french dutch classes Antwerp. Credit: selimaksen (iStockphoto)

Everyone loves to listen to a beautiful accent, whether it be British or French, or any other language. We just love a nice accent! Why? Simple! It’s easy on the ears, it sounds a lot more professional and most importantly it’s the easiest to understand.


So many people have the feeling that they don’t speak very well when they try to communicate in a foreign language even though they actually studied it for quite a while. Can’t say I’m surprised. Take this example: One of my students went to order some mint tea at a bar. She tried her best to speak Dutch and the bartender immediately switched to English. How demovating… Of course people start believing that their language skills are just no good. Have you ever considered the possibility that there might be a different reason to why natives do that?
Read more…