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I started Hello Languages in Antwerp with a dream of changing the language industry. Now people and companies come to me asking for help, because they don’t feel comfortable speaking a language, because they’re afraid to host a presentation, because they don’t want to spend their limited free time studying, doing boring homework or unwillingly sitting at a classroom table without personal feedback and without actually having fun.

What if I told you that languages can be fun and even your homework can be interactive and useful?
At the end of the day all of my ‘students’ speak up, feel confident in any situation, they get more job offers and they love coming to class.



Why Hello Languages?


Often people come to me saying that they studied a language for multiple years, but they still aren’t able to use it, that they are ‘just not good at languages’ and ‘better at mathematics or sciences’, that when they try to practise in real life situations that ‘people just don’t understand them’ or ‘they just feel uncomfortable and block’.


“I’m not good at languages” – What if you could be good at languages anyway?


What if there was more? What if you could be ‘good at languages’? What if it wasn’t you, but the method?
What if you could think in the new language entirely? What if you could get that explanation in a way that you understand best?


Feel free to invite me for a chat over a cup of coffee or some tea.




TOLES – Test Of Legal English Skills

Official TOLES Centre – In association with Cambridge Law Studio and Elsa Belgium


Cambridge Law Studio legal English course Hello Languages Antwerp
Cambridge TOLES legal English course Hello Languages Antwerp
ELSA Belgium European Law Student's Association legal English course Hello Languages Antwerp


All practising lawyers and law firms I’ve known tell me the same thing: 

“You need to do your job efficiently, fast and most importantly… flawlessly. No mistake goes unpunished when you’re living in a world of contracts and business deals. 
These are the three essential elements that present the key to success.”


So what do you need to get to the top? Amazing negotiating skills and even better drafting skills in a commercial context.
That’s why law firms usually invite me to their offices. They want their company to be one of the best, not only in the way the work, but also in the way they communicate. A lot of their professional reputation depends on their employees’ communication with their clients, so they decide to invest in it.


Most people who contacted me also realised the risk of not being able to draft a contract in English perfectly. As said, mistakes are easily made.
Sadly enough, they were mostly people who had made a little mistake which cost them a lot of time and money, while afterwards they realised it could have easily been avoided.

Read all about TOLES and on how to avoid losing time and money here!




Who am I?

Tanika Kenens, founder and trainer

Tanika Kenens - Founder and main trainer at Hello Languages

The thing about languages that interests me most are the people. You meet so many people, all of them with different ways of thinking, different lives and different problems to be solved.

How I ended up teaching languages and starting Hello Languages is actually a funny story.
Feel free to ask me if you’re interested in knowing. Just a little teaser: it was a six hour challenge.

Every company, every person who comes to me asks for a personal conversation because they all have their story to tell.

I won’t bore you with the details of which universities I passed through and all of the specialisations I did, nor will I tell you how much experience I’ve got to try to convince you to have class with me. I’m a trainer, not a sales person, so I look at all my students as people who suddenly need to do their job in a different language; as people who feel lonely, lost or frustrated in Belgium because they don’t speak the language; as people who are looking for a job but can’t find one without the adequate language skills; as people who are scared to give a presentation. I look at them as people who are asking for a personal conversation so they can tell me their story and who are looking at Hello Languages for a solution to their problems.

Want to tell me your story too? Invite yourself !