Dyslexia and Writing Skills





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Dyslexia and Writing Skills


When I was still teaching French for the dyslectic at a local high school, one of my new students once said: “You know Tanika, the thing I hate most is that I just can’t seem to remember how to write all the words. It’s just not working for me. I always get it wrong. What’s wrong with me?”
This litterally broke my heart. Why would she think about herself that way and say something like that even before starting classes? Just because she has dyslexia?


After a while I realised that she really believed that she had to remember how to write each word separately. That she just had to study them by heart because she couldn’t “remember” them on her own, which in her eyes made her feel less priviledged than other students without dyslexia. What she didn’t know is that, in order to learn a foreign language or your native language, you don’t need to drill on every single word. But what DID she need to do then if not knowing all the words by heart?

What if I told you there is a system? One that doesn’t require you to study all the words by heart?

It was like a new world opening up for her. She passed her French exams with 65%, which for her really meant a lot, especially since she hadn’t broken her skull on trying to memorise all the different kinds of spelling for each word. She didn’t even accept the exceptional treatment that is usual granted to students with dyslexia. 


Don’t believe me? Why don’t you ask me to come have a look at your situation?

There is a system, a method for every situation, not just for the dyslectic. One of my students was having difficulties writing. Not that he couldn’t write, but there were some language mistakes, spelling issues, structure confusion and it just wasn’t what he wanted. He had to publish articles for his business and of course wanted people to read them. Not just read them, but actually enjoy reading them. With some tips and tricks he launched his new articles and for the results… Well, you can see for yourself down below in the testimonials!


Do you have the feeling that you could use some help but don’t know where to begin? A conversation doesn’t cost anything! Might as well invite me and ask.




Some testimonials from my students


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